Roure: Stavroi-Faneromeni 4th free of charge hiking trip that everybody can attached. Duration: 3,5 hours We would like to thank you all the participants who had the change to admire incredible chapels from the Byzantine Period with amazing wall-paints. We hope that the locals enjoyed the trip and the unique nature as well. The paths […]


Route: STAVROI-FANEROMENI The last hiking excursion of the year took place on November 26th. The number of the participants was 16 and they had an unique chance to explore and admire except of the nature and landscapes, the area of Stavroi in which about 6-8 churches with fascinating historic background can be founded . The […]


Hiking Route: Evangelistria-Emporeio/ Distance: 5.500 m./ Height:120-340 m. / Duration: 3 hours και 40 minutes / Date : 05/11/2017 / Participants: 11 people. We would like to thank all the participants of the hiking excursion and we hope you all enjoyed it.


Route: Evangelistria-Emporios-Volcano / Duration: 3,5 hours / Length of Route: 6.200 m. / Max Elevation: 450 m. / Degree of Dufficulty: Easy The trails begin at Mandraki, the capital of Nisyros, head to the South and end up at Evangelistria. The weather was sunny and warm. We got those trails at the early hours and during our route we […]


We were glad to welcome students from Czech Republic for a visit to our farm, on the 21st of September. The students were informed about agricultural processes and admired the architectural of a traditional stone house-Spiladi and a traditional grape mill. Further more they got involved in terebinth fruit picking and learning how to prepare […]


Route: Evangelistria-Pr.Ilias Degree of difficulty: Easy Time: 3 hours Participants: 22 I would like to thank you all the participants who supported our effort. The churches of Pr.Ilias and Diavatini were cleaned  by the participants and some materials were also transferred to repair the churches.


Hiking Excursion: Mandraki (Port)- Windmill of Parthenis – Palaiokstro (castle)-Mandraki Degree of Difficulty: Easy Time:  2 hours and 15 minutes Min/Max Elevation: 70/120 meters


The name of the plant is related to Greek Mythology and the Greek word ‘narcissus’ means ‘numbness’, as a reference to its narcotic nature. According to Greek mythology, Narcissus was a young man from Boeotia who was known for his beauty. He was the son of the river Cephissus and nymph Liriope.  One day in […]


Cyclamen is a perennial plant with a tuber from which the flowers and leaves grow. Five species of the plant are native to Greece and in most pieces,  leaves come up in autumn, grow through the winter, and then die in spring. The color of the flowers may be white, pink, or purple, often with darker color on the […]